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How do I know if I qualify?

I strongly believe that the lack of understanding of what does and does not qualify for R&D tax relief is the fundamental reason for the claim gap. In an earlier post we explained that only…

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The two types of R&D tax relief available

In our previous article we highlighted the ‘claim gap’, which showed that 80% of eligible companies are not claiming R&D tax credits. We proposed that this was largely the result of misperceptions…

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Misperceptions and the ‘Claim Gap’

R&D tax credits are a form of corporation tax relief available to most companies in the UK. Created by the Government in 2000, R&D tax credits can provide qualifying companies with very generous cash…

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What costs can I claim?

What Costs Can I Claim? Not all costs associated with a project can be claimed.  Make sure you seek advice from a specialist R&D consultant. The UK R&D tax credit incentive is extremely generous and allows companies who undertake qualifying R&D projects to...

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R&D tax credits….what is it all about?

R&D Tax Credits….what is it all about? 80% - 90% of companies which qualify are missing out. The R&D tax credit incentive is a hugely valuable tax relief available to most companies. They reward profitable companies with a significant corporation tax reduction...

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